Hello everybody,

“The walks” in Franken evolve slowly to a kind of tradition.

On “the walk”, somewhere in the South Germany, photographers and models from the region meet together and do…Well… What do they do at all? I bed the most people guess they just come together to photograph and to be photographed. That’s what I thought when I’ve read about it for the first time on Facebook and sure – the event contains a lot of mini-shoots everywhere.

But it is in fact not entirely correct.

The emphasis here is not shooting but networking, exchange of information, views and experiences.
If you just run through such group (it could be 30-500 people) you will see beautiful girls and handsome guys posing, male and female photographers with backpacks full of equipment and giant cameras in their hands adjusting them and taking pictures. But if you hold on and look at the situation for a longer time, you will recognize that they primarily… watch and talk – they interact and learn. People- and especially beauty-photography is often reduced to some simple intentions and actions like the preference or the urge to show off if you’re a model, or to catch lovely girls on images if you’re photographer. Just posing and shooting. You’ll never be good if you don’t like what you do but that’s not the point here. The point is the picture and it’s idea – the good result and how can it be achieved. What makes a good picture? How do I have to take it as a photographer? How do I have to act as a model? This is a very complex subject putting questions far beyond such generally known things like choosing light, setting up and using the cam, styling, make-up, posing and looking lovely.
I guess I’ll write a particular post about that because for the most photographers and models, the photography is a deep passion and it is well-motivated and well-founded. 🙂

In this sense The Reiterleswalk in Rothenburg ob der Tauber was a big surprise – even for me. The weather was terrible. We had about 4°C (~40°F), cloudy sky, nasty wind and freezing drizzle! Usually you don’t even leave the house on such Sunday and rather stay on your couch with a ginger tea and remote in your hand ;-). In any case you surely don’t think that under these conditions so called “beauties” style themselves maybe for hours and then drive one and a half hour through the landscape just to smile to the lens ;-). Well, they do, and photographers too. But they do it to meet each other personally and share everything about good photography and good pictures, to brief and to learn face-to-face because photography is something very personal and immediate. And then even the weather does not matter :).

Here some images from Rothenburg with Anja, Nici and Jessica.

Best regards 🙂