I hope I have some different stories for you in the near future :-).

A few weeks ago a good friend asked me to accompany her to the consumART 2016. It is an art fair in Nuremberg presenting this year 45 artists and their exhibitions primarily acting in the field of modern art of painting and sculpture. It took place in The NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre from 28. to 30. October 2016. On this day the exhibition was opened until 11 pm and we spent the entire evening there. As a visitor I found it good because “after work” all: visitors and artists seemed to be a little bit more relaxed and the atmosphere was very nice.

Katja Gehrung

Walking through the exhibition I saw her works and they immediately cached my eye. Art photography – my favourite artistic direction.

Her name is Katja Gehrung. Living and working in Rosstal, a little Town about 20 minutest drive from the centre of Nuremberg she combines the light, the space and an idea to an illustration of intermediate stages and bizarre moments. Strengthened by the faceless or masked characters Katja shows the alienation and loneliness and draws the beholder’s attention to grievances.  Her pictures have an intensive touch, they are rough and unsettling and force you to reflect and this is why I like them.
I want to be deeply moved by the art. This is in my opinion one of its most important functions.

Katja is a very gentle and soft person. When she spoke about her starts in the photography as a young girl, her development and the evolution to the art photographer there was a rare kind of peace and determination in her voice and stance that I found extremely pleasant. She makes her pictures completely herself. She build up the setup for the scene and using a remote control for her camera she poses and takes the pictures. So finally she is the artist, the photographer, the model and the art in one single entity. 🙂

The following pictures come from Katja’s website.

You find more information about Katja and her works on www.laufcultur.de.