This morning was a terrible one. You wake up after a long exhausting week where nothing seemed to go on and multiple things happened you wished to avoid anyway but you couldn’t. You slept badly and the weather is a mess. You try to make a breakfast but the half of things you need is not there and you have to improvise. And yes! you know you should have prevented the most of that simply by a better scheduling but this certainty does not really help you ;-).

Do you know what I mean?;-)

Well… I said to myself: stay at home, do something harmless where you just can’t do anything wrong and wait until it’s over.

So I did. And then, after few hours of doing something harmless in my little studio … some people could call it music… in some circumstances … :-)… I have suddenly recognized: it’s bright somehow. Even in the basement.

The most clouds were gone an the sun has shined over the blue sky with a BLUE you do not see very often here.

I was dumbfounded… took my photo backpack and ran to the city.

The following six hours are documented here ;-). A long walk through the southern old town to the east and then back to the Nuremberg Castle.

It was a wonderful warm afternoon. I hope you like the images.:-)

Best regards

Your Chris.