The Bürgermeistergarten (Mayor’s Garden) is a wonderful and calm place on Nuremberg’s west town wall that you never find if you don’t explicitly look for it :).

You can go there for a walk or take one of the benches, sit or lay down and read a book or just relax and enjoy the sheltering distance form the din of the city. Well, it’s not absolutely quiet, you can still hear the cars driving down on the streets but it gives you a save distance and an oasis of green.

And it’s also a popular location for good photo shoots exposed to the west an the setting sun that touches the horizon giving a specific yellow-orange light nearly parallel to the earth.

Nelly had a free Saturday evening and suggested a spontaneous session without any definite ideas, so we’ve walked there around talking about what happened last weeks and made some picts.

I hope you like them 🙂

Best regards, your Chris.