Anja lives in South Germany about one hour drive away from Nuremberg, therefore, it was a great honour for me that she made this Sunday journey especially for shooting pictures. ­čÖé

There was a fantastic weather during the entire morning and I thought it was a very good thing because it gives more options and generally a better light, what is really important if you work with a new person for the first time. But as live goes an hour before the sky became cloudy and the wintertime changeover gave us at most two hours of relative good light. So we headed downtown to ‘Neues Museum’ and started our shooting there.

The start was very funny but a little bit tense too. Anja is a wonderful person, very cool on the one hand but also sensible and cautious on the other one and it was of course not easy to throw everything to the wind and just go all out :). But please don’t think it was a disadvantage! From my own experience as a musician I know that of all people the sensible ones are mostly the best performers :). And in this case it was no different.

So we started with some natural portraits and talked and shot and walked alternately. From ‘Neues Museum’ through the big square near the ‘Germanisches Nationalmuseum’ down to the river and up to my favourite ‘B├╝rgermeistergarten’ and we’ve got – I hope – some really good results. But the breakthrough came in the break. A little bit tired we took a dinner and I suggested to make some pictures in the restaurant (playing with the atmospheric ambient light there) in the hope that nobody takes it amiss – and we did. And after this point it was exactly what I was looking for. :). No more shyness or tension, but resolution, initiative and spontaneity. It was dark outside and we decided to go to the car park and to make some shoots there, just between passing cars. And Anja was suddenly like exchanged. Maybe… because in this part of the evening she took control of the shooting and I was only the camera :). And it was absolutely awesome! :).

Best regards