It was about 5 pm next to the fountain at Weisser Turm in Nuremberg. I’ve been watching a photo shoot where the photographer has handled his camera and a foldable reflector simultaneously in a very clever and surprising way – useful if you’re alone and have no assistant. :-).

Then I saw Veronika standing there in the middle of the crowd of models and photographers and looking around as if she was waiting for someone.

A little bit uncertainly, I thought – maybe a beginner who was looking for a photographer to get some shoots for her portfolio. This misjudgment gave me the courage to go ahead and ask her for a short session. 🙂

She has agreed and we’ve walked some steps outside of the crowd to get enough space in the background.

And then she’s started to pose in a manner, quality and tempo that really blew my mind and the only thought I had in my head was to keep the pace anyway :). In just 5 minutes I’ve seen about three dozens of best trained, natural and lovely poses and made about 50 wonderful pictures…. most of them unfortunately blurred as a result of my excitement. 🙂

But a handful succeeded anyhow and so I’m proud to present: Veronika, a professional model for a good two years. Enjoy! 🙂